Day in the Life: Past. Present. Future.

The things that happen in my life cannot be made up. Oh the stories I could tell… It’s not unusual for me to share about various aspects of my life, lessons learned, Marenspirations, and Marendaisms. I have a love hate relationship with cameras, I either love what I see back or hate it. I’m pretty sure we’ll get into that more in another video… As I age with no children or true heirs to my queendom, I feel some kind of way about my footprints here on Earth. I keep thinking about my purpose and my legacy. I once did a writing exercise in which I had to write my own eulogy. I was asked how do I want to be remembered. As morbid as that may sound, it did me a solid. I am intentional about how I live my life, who I spend time with, what I do, where I go, and there is always a why to the what. I believe we are all here for reasons much bigger than us and it is up to us to live to our full potential, experience new things, learn, and become our best selves in the process. Life is for living, not just working, paying bills, and scraping by. I am starting this blog for some scary reasons… that I don’t feel compelled to put in writing right now… What I will say is many of us leave with our stories never being told or someone telling our story through their lens… As painful as my story is and as much as I don’t want to tell it at some point I’ve got to… I can’t get away with only creating coloring books, journals, and planners, as a way of not putting words to paper to create, share, express, and use my gifts, talents, and experiences for the greater good. I know it’s bigger than me and I also know that part of my healing is creatively releasing all that I’m holding on to as the perfectly imperfect woman that I AM.

Join me on a real and raw introspective journey of Marendipitous Moments as I do the work to peel back the layers “Perfectly Imperfect” Marenda; my reality. From morning routines to unexpected challenges, to coping with grief, loss, going back to school and more, I share it all, unfiltered. This is about embracing life’s imperfections and finding beauty in the chaos. So, grab a cup of coffee, a glass of wine, get comfy, and let’s get real about life, with all its ups and downs.

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