Empowerment Through Resilience:

Navigating Life with Strength and Grace!

Marenda Hughes Taylor’s life story is a profound resilience, hope, and transformation narrative. Born in January 1975 in Compton, CA, her confrontation with triple-negative breast cancer at the age of 39 marked a pivotal turn in her life. Diagnosed with an aggressive, fast-growing cancer that tested positive for the BRCA1 gene mutation, Marenda faced her mortality head-on. Her treatment journey included chemotherapy, a bilateral mastectomy, and an oophorectomy-salpingo. Faced with the hereditary nature of her condition, Marenda made the heart-wrenching decision not to have children to prevent passing on the BRCA1+ gene—a choice made from a place of profound courage and consideration for future generations. This decision, coupled with the effects of chemotherapy and the loss of her ovaries, thrust Marenda into early menopause, a challenge she continues to navigate with strength and grace.

Embracing an Integrative Healing Approach

Marenda’s path to recovery was not just a battle against cancer but a journey towards holistic wellness. She embraced an integrative approach to healing, combining conventional medicine with natural supplements, CBD oil, medical cannabis, and alternative therapies like Reiki, mindfulness meditation, and yoga. Marenda’s dedication to nurturing her mind, body, and soul led her to explore Writing for Wellness at the Cancer Support Community Redondo Beach, embracing a multifaceted approach to recovery that underscores her belief in the power of varied therapeutic modalities.

A New Chapter: Advocacy and Empowerment

Leaving behind her “good government job” with the California State Legislature, Marenda pursued a life of purpose and passion. Becoming a flight attendant with Delta Air Lines allowed her to fulfill her dream of traveling the world and provided a unique platform for advocating for breast cancer awareness and research.

A Voice for the Voiceless

Marenda Hughes Taylor’s advocacy extends beyond her battle with cancer. As the founder and creator of the Fight Like a Grown Ass Woman Movement, she leverages her voice, experiences, and platforms to inspire and empower breast cancer survivors and their loved ones. Her involvement in campaigns, media appearances, and collaborations with Delta Air Lines and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation demonstrate how committed she is to finding a cure, spreading awareness, and helping cancer patients.

Healing Through Creativity and Coaching

An author and creator, Marenda has published coloring books and journals that serve as therapeutic outlets. Her works, including “Fight Like A Grown Ass Woman: For Women Battling Breast Cancer,” reflect her journey and serve as sources of inspiration and empowerment. As a Survivor to Thriver Lifestyle Coach and certified speaker with the John Maxwell Team, Marenda guides others through their healing journeys, emphasizing the importance of self-care, gratitude, and manifestation.

An Essential Worker with Lifesaving Training

As a flight attendant for Delta Air Lines, Marenda wasn’t merely traveling the globe; she was preparing for unforeseen challenges. The skills and awareness she honed in flight attendant training enabled her to recognize the signs of her husband’s stroke, saving his life. This pivotal experience reinforced her commitment to health awareness and preparedness, highlighting the unpredictable nature of health crises.

Balancing Acts: Career and Caregiving

Marenda’s life is a testament to her incredible ability to balance her career with her passion for helping others. Her roles at Delta Air Lines and as a Licensed Life Insurance and Annuities Strategist and Agency Builder, combined with her responsibilities as a caregiver to her husband, illustrate her resilience and determination. Her story is a tribute to how personal challenges can inspire a mission to encourage and support others.

Empowering Through Financial Education

Recognizing the impact of life’s uncertainties on financial well-being, Marenda became a licensed life insurance and annuity strategist. Her experiences and insights formed her goal of empowering people, particularly women, to learn how to build, protect, and preserve wealth through life’s ups and downs while providing invaluable strategies for securing financial futures through financial literacy.

Building a Legacy with LSNNLRN

Co-founding LSNNLRN with her college sister-friend, Willae, Marenda aims to transform pain into purpose. This platform, rooted in empowerment, health, and legacy, draws from their battles and encourages others to thrive despite adversity.

Marenda Hughes Taylor’s journey, transcending her battle with cancer to lead a movement of awareness and empowerment, serves as an inspiration for all facing health adversities. Her life’s work embodies a powerful summons to embrace resilience, cultivate hope, and forge a lasting legacy. Through her dedicated advocacy, innovative creativity, and initiatives geared towards empowerment, Marenda offers support and strength to those confronting cancer, showcasing the grit and spirit required to prevail. Her legacy, rooted in empowering others, transforms her story into a beacon of encouragement and a testament to the power of enduring courage.

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